AnyNode VPS Customers Moving To BuyVM(BuyVM收购AnyNode)

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AnyNode VPS Customers Moving To BuyVM

After much discussions and deliberation internally, we’ve decided to partner with BuyVM (Frantech Solutions) to acquire all AnyNode VPS accounts. BuyVM is a well established provider in the hosting space and a long time partner of AnyNode’s – providing us with bandwidth in our Las Vegas location.

This move means a higher quality of service for VPS customers, a new VPS management panel, access to new add-ons like DDoS protected IPs, and much more. Features we already offer, like free DirectAdmin licenses and BGP sessions are also available at BuyVM.

This decision stems from a falling out we had with developers building our new in-house VPS panel. Things weren’t progressing as we expected and it effectively left us starting over on development. We feel this move leaves our VPS customers in even more capable hands and allows us to focus on other parts of the company.

In order to facilitate this move, there is manual action required on your part. VPS’s will be recreated at BuyVM, including an IP address change. Please read the instructions below carefully to request your new VPS.

This applies to all AnyNode VPS customers (KVM, OpenVZ Wedge). Las Vegas VPS’s will be recreated immediately, Miami VPS’s will be recreated in the coming weeks – or you can request a move to Las Vegas to have a new BuyVM VPS recreated immediately.

All AnyNode VPS’s will be shut down by August 1st, 2021.

Important Instructions

1 – Create An Account With 注册地址),建议使用与原AnyNode相同的注册邮箱,BuyVM开启了防欺诈,请务必使用真实信息注册避免无法注册成功;

3.在BuyVM提交工单,可以选择迁移VPS或者转为账户余额,迁移VPS需注明原IP,工单标题分别为:AnyNode Migration - [IP.Address]或者AnyNode Migration - Account Credit,另外,如果是OpenVZ迁移将转为KVM,因为BuyVM不提供OpenVZ;


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